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Home Remedies for Weakness

Feeling lazy, being lethargic, and general weakness is relatively common problems with men, women including kids and this problem can be treated regarding many ways. In fact, home remedies are very effective to avoid and treat weakness.

Bananas have a good content of lots of nutrients that help you feel energetic and active.

Whenever you feel weakness, just eat ripe bananas or make banana shake and smoothie and drink daily. However, bananas can also be added to honey to avoid and treat weakness.

Milk itself is a very good food to get rid of general weakness.
Drinking warm milk is much better than you drink chilled milk. Warm milk helps to soothe all of your muscles and lets you feel active and strong.

Almonds are a good source to provide you with instant energy.

Always keep roasted almonds with you and eat them when you feel lazy and weak. Soak almonds, fig and raisins in the water overnight and strain this water in the morning and drink it. It will provide you good energy and kill weakness.